• The company was established in January 1997.

    Shanghai Star Z&C Architectural Design Co., Ltd. who Was established in Jan 1997 is recognized as A-grade architectural engineering unit by National Ministry of Construction (certificate serial number is: A131003055).He was awarded Urban and rural planning class c qualification certificate after approved by The government department(certificate serial number is: [沪]城规编第(142001)and Landscape Qualification B (certificate serial number is: 31003052).The company is one of the first Restructuring pilot units in Shanghai building design industry in 2002. Our company specializes in various construction and related design, landscape design, engineering consulting and project management services for public buildings, residential communities, commercial plaza, and city complex projects etc.Based on rich architectural engineering design experience, advanced design concept ,outstanding design work, best design quality and construction cost controling, considerate reputation of service and , the company is well-known in the Architectural Design field.

  • Take over the whole process of project design

    Since its foundation, the company has overtaken several hundreds of projects architecture designs,preliminary designs, construction drawing designs and the later stage coopertations , covering office, commercial, hotel,education, residence,apartment,villa and Urban complex with various functions.It has established long-term and trusting relationship with numerous famous real estate enterprises such as Neway Group, Shangfang Group,Greenland Group,Forte Group,Dalian Wanda Group,Shimao Group,Cred Real Estate stock co.,LTD, Industrial Investment (Holding) Co., Ltd,CYTS,Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd ,Zhangjiang Semiconductor Industry Park,Dongyuan Group, Jiangsu Future Holdings Group, Zhengzhou Yasin Holdings Group, Henan Yuhong Real Estate.

  • Winning various awards time after time
    Gaining the wide reorganization of industry

    The company has honor to receive the praise of Model Unit from Ministry of Construction 4 years continually, Shanghai Construction Committee and Shanghai Residence Competition Committee,and awarded outstanding design evaluationa in quality inspection of national and Shanghai. So far in 2002, there are over 20 projects that have awarded "star – classic marine house",the nationwide architecture design gold medal of Honor and honorable mentions, third honors, merit award, excellent work prize and excellent prize of Shanghai excellent residential designs..The company gets unanimous recognition and trust by extensive construction unit and industry with the "consumers first,integrity warmly" service.

  • Insisting on the systematic, unification and standardization management

    The company always adheres to the systematic, unified and standardized management. The company also operates formally and rigorously, and pursues good design service and design concept and quality, which obtains good results in terms of design concept and innovation, design depth and design quality control as well as measures and methods for construction cost control, winning a good reputation in the industry as well as unanimous recognition and appreciation from the majority of partners and relevant government authorities.

  • Six functional departments
    Five professional design institutes
    Two professional groups

    There are 250 people in the company, 90% of which are professionals.There're 2 professor senior engineers, The company has 54 people with various registered qualifications. Thereinto, 16 first class registered architects, 11 first class registered structural engineers, 2 registered electrical engineers, 7 registered public utility engineers(water supply and drainage), 3 registered public utility engineers (HVAC), 5 registered urban planners, one registered cost engineer, one first constructor and 8 people of other types of registered qualifications.20% of them are senior engineers, 50% of them are engineers (including architect, structure, equipment engineers).

  • The company is divided into technical department, Business management department, Human resources and enterprise development department, Information development and data management department, finance department and material department. We also describe our technical department as following: early program department, architecture design department, structure design department, electricity and machinery design department, landscape design department

  • A foothold Shanghai, face to a whole country

    The company construction engineering design has a foothold Shanghai, face to a whole country, the business involves a few cities, such as local Jiangsu, Zhejiang, the south, Fukien of the river and Hubei...etc..Mainly accept an every variety public and public construction engineering design, live area programming and the residence design, view and environment design and ago expect project consultation etc..Designing the contentscovers building to design with engineering of contents, include a programming, construct, structure, give to drain, electric power tele-communications, air condition well ventilated, technique economy etc. profess-ional design, and the person defend engineering, construct sunshine analysis...etc..

  • The building technique of the consummate technical skill

    Each profession design personnel with the building technique of the consummate technical skill and the forerunner, with lend real strenght and design experience of oneself to have the advantage of[with] comprehensive design, and the strict quality manage of measure, as a result can insure engineering design quality, economize material and lower to build price, raise the whole performance of engineering design, satisfy the customer's need on the biggest degree.

  • Farsighted development target in the meantime and diversified carry out strategically

    The company concentrates on a more farsighted development target in the meantime and diversified carry out strategically, open widely design realm and cooperate scope continuously, at strengthen domestic cooperation of in the meantime, expand the space of international cooperation actively just all-directions look for with nations well-known design company, business office and excellent architect carry on an extensive cooperation.

  • Building technique and art of perfect combine

    Design to take orders building technique and art always of perfect combine this principle, concentrate on creating a brand effect.With borrow to the market of deep comprehend with respond quickly, and develop continuously mature of profession turn a team and manage a mechanism, company core competition the strategy be changing direction steady of can keep on a development.