Qiao Xuan

  • Shanghai star Z&C Architectural Design Co.,Ltd board chairman
    Ltd Vice President


  • Shanghai Star Z&C Architectural Design Co.,Ltd General Manager
  • Member of Shanghai Municipal Commission of
    Construction Science & Technology
  • Senior Engineer
  • National Class A Certified Structure Engineer


  • Shanghai Star Z&C Architectural Design Co.,
    Ltd Vice President
  • Chief Architect
  • National Class A Certified Architect

Shanghai Star Z&C Architectural Design Co.,Ltd owns a be close to more than 250 persons of mature design a team, solidify but have character.The whole composing which design a team included from first arrive to end each stage of professional design personnel, each main designer all graduates from famous brand of high etc. college, several decades above of design and the spot service experience, can control esthetics and space to connect well, design and the spot serve of have no time a conjunction.

Our company has strong design strength, The company has 54 people with various registered qualifications. Thereinto, 16 first class registered architects, 11 first class registered structural engineers, 2 registered electrical engineers, 7 registered public utility engineers(water supply and drainage), 3 registered public utility engineers (HVAC), 5 registered urban planners, one registered cost engineer, one first constructor and 8 people of other types of registered qualifications.20% of them are senior engineers, 50% of them are engineers. professional composing:Project, building, structure, electricity, warm, give to drain, view, also have each professional engineer of related profession, have abundant design working experience, have certainly solve problem of the new creativity and service pay enforcement also;Registered another the adviser troops that the teacher constitutes, experienced.

The different design career lets medium the star ambition become more full of vitality and content, the different design idea blends here, collision, stir up a new design inspiration continuously.

Design conduct and actions a means, can with four wild, have no place not at.Medium the star ambition become a strong design team, thesigns to use a design, using mood to create diversified space, being us while designing the work of every time, always controling a conviction:Whether this sport is simple and is complications or not, our head quarter provides the technique of a high-quality design and high quality to solve a method, completing smoothly on the point of intersection of science and technology and the art.

Designers of the star ambition come from the whole country , everyone with borrow to the building design of the enthusiasm gather together, leading at the president, manager's room and the experienced designer under, we certainly constuct 1 to have the strong community of the creativity spirit most.