The key for the survival and development of an enterprise is to enhance the employees’ comprehensive quality and various capabilities. “Star Z&C” is devoted to the improvement of employees’ comprehensive quality and various capabilities in a long term; and the company organizes various training each year, aiming to enhance employees’ capabilities in all respects, expand their horizons and cultivate their innovative spirit.


Training content

Training form

Target groups

Induction Training

Rules and regulations,work processes
various types of welfare systems
internal training
new employees、relevant employees

Quality Training

leadership,management skills,presentation skills,
PR etiquette,communication skills
internal training / expatriate training
relevant employees

Professional Training

learning new norms,research & study,
professional training,skills training,continuing education
internal training / expatriate training
relevant professional employees

Expand Training

teamwork,communication skills,cohesive force
expatriate training
relevant/key employees

Study Abroad

designing innovative ideas,cultural forms of local featured themes
expatriate training
relevant/key employees

With the development of modern economy, the competition among enterprises equals to competition for talents, and to some extent, is also the competition related to corporate training. The company lays emphasis on the cultivation of overall quality of staff and on the enhancement of their overall quality and identification of corporate culture, thereby providing a new development platform for outstanding young architects.

Star Z&C talent cultivation planning model
(Training items)
Purpose 1.Enhance comprehensive quality and ability;
2.Solve site problems and make continuous improvements;
3.Knowledge and skills meet the position requirements, capable of working independently.
Course 1.Task or project;
2.Historical subject and project information;
3.Expert guidance.
Way Position training + craft model +缺+ career development conversations + exchange of positions+Special training.
Purpose 1.Deeply understand the management culture being carried out by the company;
2.Master work methods and enhance comprehensive capability.
Course 1.Learn common diseases and frequency encountered diseases;
2.Professional technology innovation courses.
Way Position training + craft model+ career development conversations +Training on frequency encountered problems of the position.
Purpose 1.Master the knowledge and skills required by the position and capable of solving routine problems;
2.Develop good work habits and familiar with work mode.
Course 1.Comprehension and application;
2.Position manipulative skills.
Way Position training + craft model+ career development conversations + exchange of positions +Upgrading training.
Purpose 1.Familiar with colleagues and aware of tasks, responsibilities and position quality requirements for the work to be engaged in;
2.Learn basic workflow of departments and positions.
Course 1.Basic information on departments and main duties;
2.Comprehension and application of relevant management documents, workflow and positions.
Way Position training + craft model+ career development conversations + exchange of positions.
Purpose 1.Familiar with the basic situation of the company, and aware of the requirements of the company for the quality of staff;
2.Establish value orientation consistent with company values.
Course 1.Welcome reception for new employees, visits to various regions of the company, and training of rules and regulations;
2.ISO quality management system and project management training.
Way System training + career development conversations + exchange of positions.

The company encourages employees to provide training needs based on their skills, interests, strengths, etc., so as to enrich the company's training content and enables them to obtain success and profitability.