The orientation training for new employees converts corporate culture into the system; post training converts staff capacity into enterprise dynamic. We have organized internal training for professional and technical staff to further improve their theoretical level and professional skills, enhance the innovation on design concept and design standards, strengthen design service capabilities, and build the enterprise into a learning organization, thereby increasing the core competencies of “Star Z&C”.

Internal Training Project

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Scheme studies
  • Issues that need to pay attention to in scheme design
  • Gains and losses of quality management of scheme design
  • Survey scheme design through project management
  • Product control of architectural scheme design
  • Process analysis of scheme design
  • ......
Architectural studies
  • Training on common matters, frequently encountered matters and difficult problems in the construction drawing design
  • Firefighting design of public buildings
  • Construction costs control
  • Key points in the construction energy-saving design of various regions
  • New materials and new technology training
  • Training on solar energy and building integrated design
  • ......
Structure studies
  • Key points in the design of large cantilever complex structure
  • Comparative analysis and application of national norms and Shanghai norms
  • Case study on structure design and cost control
  • Application of ETABS in the calculating analysis of architectural structure
  • Training on drawing sheet, drawing and drawing review
  • ......
Water supply and drainage studies
  • Solar system design
  • Centralized hot water system study
  • Discussion and study on the unified technical measures of centralized hot water system.
  • ......
Electrical studies
  • Internal electrical engineering rectification rules and preparation of depth regulations training
  • Design and precautions of fire emergency lighting
  • Training on unified design standard (general description, and calculation brochure)
  • ......
Heating and ventilation studies
  • Discussion and study on related chapters of radiant heating and cooling technical specification attached to New Heating and Ventilation Norms
  • Multi-split air conditioner system engineering and technical exchanges (VRV)
  • ......
Landscape studies
  • Detail design
  • Planting design
  • Case appreciation
  • Application overview and design analysis of contemporary Chinese landscape
  • Introduction to urban complex landscape
  • ...