Z&C shortlisted in "2020 real estate development Cup" Shanghai prefabricated building design competition "
2021-01-07    Browse Times:30

In order to further publicize the systematic and integrated design ability of "Z & C", strengthen and enhance the influence of "Z & C" in the industry, promote the multi professional collaboration within the company and promote the standardized design, "Z & C" has actively participated in the "2020" real estate competition held by Shanghai Construction Association, Shanghai survey and Design Industry Association and Shanghai real estate housing development Co., Ltd "Shanghai prefabricated building design competition".

This competition is participated by many excellent design enterprises in the construction industry with relevant qualifications in China. It focuses on the deepening ability of prefabricated architectural design and the practical technology application of the project. It focuses on the four aspects of "overall planning and architectural design", "indoor environment and mechanical and electrical design", "prefabricated structural system design" and "comprehensive and operation and maintenance design" Considering system integration, BIM Technology Application and digital display.

At present, "Z & C" has successfully entered the shortlist stage of the competition through careful preparation and cooperation of various professional design institutes. I wish "Z & C" good results in this competition.