BookReader Files and Title Pages Creation

Made for the William K. Everson Collection website to create BookReader files and title pages for each film press kit that was scanned and uploaded to the web. One example of the output of this program can be found here.

Bob and Ashleigh Short Wedding

Wedding website for Bob and Ashleigh Short. Includes embedded Google Maps directions to and from venue/hotel.
WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP

William K. Everson Collection

As webmaster for the Everson site, I initiated a re-design of the site including Bootstrap and PHP implementation and created a new workflow for integrating this technology. Currently overseeing project including adding Internet Archive BookReader format for press materials.
HTML/CSS, Boostrap, JQuery, PHP

Class Assignments

Virtual Moped

User enters commands and the program prints messages while tracking the users location on a virtual city grid. The repository holds 3 files: the City class, which sets up the virtual city grid; the Virtual_Moped class, which controls the moped’s actions; and the Test_Drive class, which contains the main method where the user inputs commands to control the moped.


Basic program that creates a calculator using Swing and AWT GUI and displays the app in JFrame.

Huff Notes Data Scrubbing

Script to scrub data from William K. Everson Collection program notes and write to new file. The source file and program output are also included in the repository.


Generate horoscopes based on user input.
HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery

Interactive Fiction

A MadLibs form that takes user input to generate new lyrics for Disney songs.
HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Pixel Image

Image made of pixels generated using PHP programming.

LAMP Stack Implementation

Used Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP to create website for William K. Everson Collection and display user search results.